Welcome to the world of Ellon! So if everyone could bear with me for the first few times while I try to figure out the combat level and things like that to try and make sure we are having some interesting and challenging fights while not having us die all the time no matter how much some of us might want that to happen. The first part of our adventure will be taking place in and around the magical city of Valoris. Just to give some context to the city itself, the city is nestled in between a swamp on one side a forest on another and the ocean on the other. Having no real room to build out with the city they instead build the city upwards on top of itself. The reasoning behind having a city in such a place is that it sits upon a magic nexus unlike any other in the realm. As such the amount of other planar creatures in the city is much more then normal. Touching more on the guild itself, the guild is ran by Serie Gloomheart an elven seer. Rather then being a strict and stern person she is more of a kind motherly figure treating everyone in the guild something like her children. The 2nd in command Kurodan is more of the stern kind of douchey character for the most part. The guild is rounded out more over in the characters page this isn’t by any means all the characters in the guild just the ones that aren’t nameless faces. Your characters don’t necessarily have to be evil many of the characters in the guild are more of a neutral alignment, but the campaign will give our characters the option to do evil. If you’re wanting to add more NPC characters for the guild I’m fine with doing so just talk with me about the character and getting them added in. Talking about add things like NPCs, I would like your characters to have backstories as much as possible. The more stuff you have for your characters the more the world will be shaped to accommodate and be affected by your characters backstory. I realized not everyone really cares to do things like that so I’m not asking or expecting everyone to have huge long bios but if you could do something I’d really appreciate it. You guys have any questions feel free to get ahold of me sometime. Looking forward to playing this campaign with you guys and doing some evil!

The Wolves of Valoris

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